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16 August 2019 · Car Reviews

2020 Kia Seltos First Look Review: Big Style, Small Size

The all-new 2020 Kia Seltos subcompact crossover is yet another example of the South Korean brand’s bold styling inside and out, high value, and technology-packed strategy. What’s interesting about the Seltos is that it was designed and engineered from the beginning to be a global model, meaning it’ll be nearly identical no matter where it’s sold. Kia was keen to blend some traditional SUV capabilities with a sporty and youthful design. Judging by the official images released by Kia, we’d say this certainly has been accomplished.

The big question is, however, whether consumers will respond in kind. The crossover segment, regardless of vehicle size, is more competitive than ever, leaving little to no room for Kia to make mistakes.

Kia Seltos First Look Review:
2020 Kia Seltos First Look Review: Big Style, Small Size

Exterior: Fusing Tradition With Style

What many consumers don’t always realize is that crossovers and SUVs are not the same thing. While SUV’s utilize pickup truck platforms, crossovers are based on traditional cars, meaning they come standard with front-wheel-drive, better fuel economy, and smoother rides. The new Kia Seltos, like its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Venue, is a crossover. Classified as a five-door subcompact, the Seltos features a long hood and very attractive LED headlights and taillights. Daytime running lights front and rear are also present.

Notice the vehicle’s sharp lines throughout, as opposed to a more rounded look. Again, the goal here was to create a more rugged look and Kia has succeeded. To further augment that, the Kia Seltos can be equipped with 16-, 17-, or 18-inch premium wheels. And there’s the "tiger nose" grille. Perhaps a bit wider than usual, this latest incarnation of Kia’s signature styling continues to look great.

Kia has become known for going that extra mile regarding interior appointments. Not only is there tons of value, but the features themselves are aimed specifically at a vital market force: millennials. Because of that, the two-row, five-seat Seltos has a cabin that incorporates elegant shapes and advanced tech such as a large infotainment system featuring a 10.25-inch touchscreen. Some optional features typically found on more expensive vehicles is an 8.0-inch head-up display and a premium eight-speaker Bose audio system.

There’s also the optional Sound Mood Lighting system, which has become a favorite feature for many Kia Soul owners, for example. What this system does is emit a soft light from door panels. This also creates a 3D-patterned surface on those panels. The system then synchronizes to the beat of the chosen music playing through the audio system. A total of eight customizable colors and six themes illuminate the cabin. Is this kind of gimmicky? Perhaps, but the system really does work well and helps to create a softer mood, something that comes in handy on extended road trips. Read More

Interior: Elegance Meets Millennial Tech
Interior: Elegance Meets Millennial Tech