9 August 2019 · Car Reviews

Cheapest cars to run

The Kia Picanto with Auto is good to go with Bluetooth & iPod connectivity, Rear Parking Sensors and 7-Year Warranty as standard

Korean car manufacturer Kia has come up with the cheapest cars to run in Australia, according to two surveys released on Monday.

The Kia Picanto ($111.49/week), Kia Rio ($111.49/week) and Kia Cerato ($134.55/week) were revealed as the cheapest cars to run in the Micro, Light and Small car categories respectively, according to the Royal Automobile Association’s 2019 annual car market survey.

Meanwhile, the RACV’s Driving Your Dollars survey (also out on Monday) also ranked the Kia Rio ($115.95) cheaper to run than the Picanto ($118.25), while the Cerato ($136.64) topped the list of Small cars.

And surprisingly, both surveys found the most expensive car to run was an electric car – and not just any electric car. If you own a Tesla Model X 100D SUV, it’s costing you $562.70 a week, according to the RAA, while the RACV found the 100D’s stablemate, the Model S 100D sedan, was also a pricey option at $510.54 a week. Read More