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8 August 2019 · Car Reviews

Kia Seltos 2020 - CarsGuide review

Kia Seltos 2020 - Cars Guide
ALL NEW Kia SELTOS THE ART OF SMALL SUV Adelaides No-1 Kia Dealer | Wayne Phillis Kia

What's more, that's just in India (where some versions of the Seltos are being built) and Korea (where Australian-spec cars will hail from). The global numbers will of course be much, much higher.

So to describe the Seltos as an important car for Kia is an understatement of huge proportions. It launches into a hotly contested small SUV segment destined only for growth, both in Australia and abroad, and one in which the Korean car maker was sorely lacking a credible contender.

The good news? The Seltos looks good inside and out, arrives well equipped, and with an estimated starting point of around $25k drive-away, the price is just about bang-on, too.

All that's left is to see how it drives. So let's get to that then, shall we?. Read More