20 August 2019 · Car Reviews

Kia Stinger GT S 2019 review - [ChasingCars]

GT + SPORTS EXHAUST | $60,490 | $63,150 AS TESTED | ANCAP : 5/5 17

It was hailed as the spiritual successor to Australia’s rear-drive muscle car sedans. A year later, how’s the Stinger holding up?

A powerful petrol engine, rear-wheel-drive, and four doors (or five – who’s counting): arriving just as the Australian-made family cars that hewed closely to this formula bowed out, the Kia Stinger was seen by many as an unlikely – but welcome – saviour for those that prefer their large cars to be of the low-slung variety.

But a year on from the Stinger’s introduction to the Australian market, is it working? To find out, I grabbed the keys to the first Stinger I’ve ever driven – just of those cars that has fallen through the cracks. Might as well do it properly, though, so I grabbed the flagship 2019 Kia Stinger GT with the twin-turbo V6 and all the trimmings. I took it for a big drive down the same great roads we tested the Holden VF Commodore on. Then I sat down and crunched some numbers. Read More