5 October 2021 · Kia Technologies

Kia Connect , Tap into the future

Get ready for an enhanced driving experience for the digital age. With real-time information to assist you in every situation, and new remote smartphone capabilities that keep you better connected with your Kia than ever before.

Two advanced systems with one goal: Peace of mind, wherever you go

Kia Connect App

Kia Connect App

  • Enjoy full control of your Kia via your smartphone remotely
  • Receive diagnostic data about your car's status and driving statistics
  • Activate a range of vital functions remotely with a finger's touch
  • Now with enhanced design, intuitive interface and new features
Two advanced systems with one goal: Peace of mind, wherever you go

Kia Connect Live Services

  • Be always informed ahead of the curve via navigation screen
  • Get real-time updates about nearby parking spots and points of charge (for EV and PHEV only)
  • Receive information about fuel prices from gas stations on the way
  • Enjoy the seamless access to agenda contacts or switch radio stations by just using your voice

Kia Connect App – Remote services. A new level of comfort & control

Kia Connect App – Remote services. A new level of comfort & control

Kia Connect App – Remote services
Battery Control

Fully in charge: Get the most out of your battery pack by remotely starting, stopping, and scheduling your charging progress. It's not only a big plus in comfort, but also greatly minimizing cost and time with every charge, while maximizing battery life. From anywhere, with ease. Available for fully electric and plug-in models.

As part of the advanced systems available to improve safety and the driving experience for Kia customers, the UVO CONNECT system is designed to bring driving into the digital age, connecting drivers to the environment and providing them with valuable information - via the touchscreen inside car or smartphone.

UVO technology has been developed to be in line with the latest regulations in the European Union regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR), thus ensuring the highest level of data protection and confidentiality.

UVO has the Kia Live system and can be ordered together with the infotainment system with 10.25-inch screen. The system uses its own Internet-connected eSIM card to collect and update real-time travel information, such as real-time traffic information, weather forecasts, points of interest, and details of potential parking spaces - including price, locations and availability. Absolutely necessary, the UVO system shows drivers the locations of charging stations, the availability of the charger and the compatibility of the connection


The second functionality of the UVO system is the UVO App, designed to be compatible for Apple and Android smartphones. The application has a number of features to provide users with diagnostic information about their car and travel routes. The application also allows users to activate a number of "remote" functions for their car. Depending on the model and level of equipment, users can send "remote" routes to their car for future trips, check the location of their car and access reports and notifications on the diagnosis of their car. Also, depending on the model and level of equipment, users may be able to activate the air conditioning system to heat or cool the passenger compartment before a trip.

In the case of Kia electric cars, the app allows users to remotely check the state of charge of the battery, stop or resume charging with a single touch of the screen - thus allowing them to benefit from lower price of electricity tariffs if charge the battery at home. The application also allows users to check the location of the car and access the reports and diagnostic notifications provided by it. Read More