12 February 2020 · Reactions

Kia Seltos X-Line concept

Kia Seltos X Line Special Variant Looks Stunning in Matte Grey Color | Walkaround in 4K 60FPS

The Kia Seltos X-Line concept is essentially the cool compact crossover on steroids. More rugged-looking than the base model, the X-Line comes with a number of body accents that give it a more chiseled look.

The front design, which features a futuristic looking grille, is particularly easy on the eyes. Changes to the bumpers in front and back, as well as the addition of a roof rack, skid plate, and off-road inspired body panels makes this vehicle look ready for anything you care to throw at it.

While the Sonet is sure to be the vehicle that is most important to the Indian market, the Seltos X-Line may just give us a glimpse of what we might see in showrooms on this side of the pond in the near future.