30 June 2020 · Reactions


- The new application answers buyers' questions about electric cars
- Introduces aspects of driving and owning electric cars in a relevant and accessible way
- Users can view and learn about Kia electric cars in the real world using AR (augmented reality)
- In the future , several electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars will be added to the application
- The application is available for free and is compatible with many iOS and Android devices

Frankfurt, June 17, 2020 - Kia Motors Europe has launched a new application, 'Go Electric', which will explain to interested buyers every aspect of the brand's electric cars.

The new app aims to answer the questions many drivers have about the new electric cars, including how the many propulsion systems work, how driving experience differs and how they charge.

The first version of the 'Go Electric' application is focused on the popular crossover, 100% electric e-Niro. This allows users to explore the many features and technologies of the car and learn all about the battery performance of the best-selling Kia electric car. The app also allows users to customize their ideal e-Niro and create a view of its augmented reality (AR) - in their preferred color - using the phone's or tablet's camera. The AR application allows users to see the car in the real environment, with mixed reality (MR) explanations appearing on the car to provide users with additional information about its specific attributes.

Kia GoElectric App Logo

The 'Go Electric' application will be used by Kia dealer staff to help explain to consumers the brand's growing range of electric cars. In addition, following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the application allows drivers to learn and discover, from the comfort of their own home, more about how electric cars work.

The application is compatible with many iOS and Android mobile devices. Kia will also update the app in the future with new electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars from the European brand's range of cars. The application is currently available in English, and more languages ​​and new content will be added in the future.

The 'Go Electric' application can be downloaded for free by accessing the following links:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store