Kia Innovation

Emotive Driving

We at Kia Motors are dedicated to ensuring that driver enjoyment remains a top priority in the coming era of future mobility

R.E.A.D System

Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System Emotion Adaptive Driving - a world-first emotional AI-based optimized and interactive in-cabin space centered on human senses.


A world-first virtual touch-type gesture control technology. V-Touch employs a 3D camera to monitor users’ eyes and fingertip, allowing all occupants to changes the cabin environment, including lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and entertainment system

Concept Cars

A pleasant experience of making a car in your imagination a reality

Mobility ACE

Mobility - Future Mobility Vision of Kia Motors


Future Mobility Vision of Kia Motors

A car in recent years has evolved beyond the means of 'mobility' into the arena of another 'living space' with sophisticated IT technologies, including autonomous driving and connected technology incorporated in it. In addition, with the dissemination of sharing trends, which is a new paradigm of economic life, a car will accelerate the advent of the era of 'sharing' instead of 'owning' one.

The focus of the car industry ecosystem is being rapidly transformed from 'manufacturing' to 'providing services' as not only complete car makers but also IT tech giants offer new business visions that encompass a variety of 'mobility' services in a comprehensive manner.

Kia is actively investing in the fields of Mobility Service Platform for the Human-centric urban society.

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Autonomous - Future of Autonomous Vehicles


Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Think about it for a moment. Your car navigates itself to a preset destination by monitoring surroundings on its own while you concentrate on work or lay back and talk with your friend. This is what autonomous driving technology promises us in the foreseeable future.

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Connectivity - Hyper-connected Services


Hyper-Connected Services

Today, cars are integrating computers and artificial intelligence into their systems faster than expected. With their functions rapidly expanding, from something simple like map searches and phone connection to more advanced features like music play, weather forecasts, scheduling, and control of vehicle features like air conditioning and sunroof. Soon, connected cars will boast even more advanced features such as controlling electric appliances at home, checking the health of drivers and communicating with doctors via a video call.

If autonomous driving technology is for the freedom of mobility, connected cars will enrich our lives. An in-house development of key technologies for connected cars will strengthen Kia’s possibilities for collaboration with leading global Information Communication Technologies (ICT) players and investments in prospect start-ups. After rolling out its first connected car by 2020, Kia Motors will expand application of relevant technologies until all of its cars are equipped with connected services by 2030.


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Eco - The coming of eco-friendly energy age


The Coming of Eco-Friendly Energy Age

Eco-friendly vehicles (or green cars) will play a pivotal role in future mobility, and the shift from petroleum to electricity powered vehicles has already become the norm. In fact, the green car market is doubling in size each year, while the overall automobile market is only growing at a mere two percent annually. At the same time, environmental stewardship is taking center stage across the board, and Kia Motors already has achieved its goal of ranking in second place (based on combined market share with Hyundai Motor Company) in the global green car market in 2017 three years ahead the scheduled goal of 2020.

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The power to make imagination a reality

Design Directions


Design Gives Spirit to the Brand

Design is not just about shapes, lines or decoration. It is about instilling soul into a brand and making customers passionate about a product. The ultimate goal of Kia's styling activities is to create complete, pure and unprecedented designs that define the Kia brand. To this end, Kia will seek deeper interaction with more people around the world to gain a more extensive understanding of different markets and technologies as we strive to make the Kia brand more exciting and fun.


The Simplicity of the Straight Line

The simplicity of straight line is one of the core fundamentals underpinning Kia's design philosophy. Straight lines represent clarity, precision and distinctiveness, and these traits are fully reflected in the attitudes and vision of Kia designers. Our design efforts are focused on attaining long-term loyalty from customers with simple shapes, delicate interior and exterior details and the provision of experiences that are hard to find in other cars.


Kia Family Face

Kia created a visual symbol as powerful as its brand logo. The signature grille, headlamps and brand logo form a unique and consistent family look that has evolved over the years and is now so common on the roads that people can instantly recognise the brand from a distance or in the dark.


Our efforts to ensure your safety

Body Structure

Body Structure

Vehicle body structure made of ultra-high tensile steel
A vehicle body made of ultra-high tensile steel via hot stamping method allows the car to be lighter while increasing their rigidity. The result: better fuel efficiency and crash safety.



In a new Kia car, your safety is critical and is fitted with numerous airbags, which may include driver/passenger seat airbag, curtain airbag and front/rear side airbag.

Seat Belt Pre-tensioner

Seat Belt Pre-tensioner

Seat Belt Pre-tensioner
A seat belt pre-tensioner is a device that is used to hold a passenger firmly in their seat just before and at the start of a collision. This will then controls the way the passenger comes into contact with the inflated airbag.

Bumper Systems

Bumper Systems

Bumper Systems for Pedestrians
Upon impact between a pedestrian and a car, the lower legform or lower stiffener can minimize the bending of his/her knee and make him/her fall onto the car to reduce the possibility for him/her to go under the car and end up in a more critical state.