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Extreme winter testing regime for all-new Stinger

What does it take to perfect a true Gran Turismo?

After intensive development work and severe endurance tests at the infamous Nรผrburgring racing circuit, in Germany, the highly-anticipated Stinger was plunged into the depths of Arctic winter, in the Swedish Lapland, as part of its development program.

Kia Stinger

During a 3-month period, a team of over 100 Kia engineers, led by ex BMW M VP of Engineering Albert Biermann, worked together to fine-tune Stinger’s stability in icy and low-grip driving conditions while ensuring the finesse and performance of the Gran Turismo driving experience remained.

With temperatures as low as -35°C, the testing facilities in Arjeplog, offer the ideal conditions for testing all aspects of Stinger’s driving systems under extreme climatic conditions.  The vast, even ice surfaces of frozen lakes and the remote roads with their firmly packed layers of snow serve as proving grounds on which steering, suspension and drive characteristics can be meticulously tested.


Arjeplog, Sweden - 56 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, precision and performance meet the elements.


Stinger undergoes slalom test on the frozen Lake

As a result, engineers Kia’s testing team were in a position to hone the car in a range of low-grip driving environments, including a skid-pan, handling circuit and slalom test on the surface of the frozen Uddjaure Lake.

Within the framework of the winter trials, engineers strived to balance drivers’ desires for predictable, stable, Gran Turismo-inspired handling in all conditions, with the engaging, fun-to-drive character of a rear-wheel drive sports sedan.

Kia Stinger
Albert Biermann, Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Development at Kia, poses with the Stinger

“Testing the car in these extreme conditions allows us to focus on the stability and predictability that the Stinger offers drivers, in all driving conditions. Crucially, these tests allow us to engineer a car which retains the driving appeal that buyers look for in a sport sedan. We want enthusiastic drivers to be able to enjoy the thrill of driving their Stinger in all conditions without compromising on safety” said Albert Biermann, Kia’s Head of Vehicle Test and High Performance Development.

These quality inspections, along with the current development program in Australia, will guarantee that our Stinger is fine-tuned to perfection and ready to withstand the most extreme road conditions.